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Computer Services

The library offers computers for public use with high-speed Internet connection and Wi-Fi. For guidelines about computer use, consult our Computer and Internet Policies.

Photocopy & Fax Services

The library offers photocopy in both black and white and color. The cost for photocopying is $0.10 per page for black and white, and $0.25 per page for color. We must charge for “accidental” copies.

The cost for faxing is $0.25 per page for local and toll free. Long distance is $2.00 for first page, $1.00 per each additional page. To receive a fax is $0.10 per page.

Library Fines & Fees


The Ladoga-Clark Twp. Public Library is continually looking for ways to improve patron experience. In 2019 the library began to offer Overdrive, e-content materials, through the Libby App. Through Libby, a patron can see what books are trending, order a book to read on a device of choice, and in some instances, books are audible and one may have the book read aloud. There is a varied selection of materials, including magazines!! This service is free with sign up through the Libby App using your Ladoga-Clark Twp. Public Library Card. You don’t have to leave your house to get an item to read, and you also don’t have to keep track of the due date and return the item-it all happens automatically, like magic! Continue to enjoy the service!

In 2021 we began free courtesy renewal. The length of time of check out is 3 weeks. If you have not returned item as it nears its due date, the Evergreen system will notify you that it is coming due. You can decide to return the item at this point. It will also inform that it will automatically renew if no action is taken. This will happen two times, so, in many cases, you may keep an item out for 9 weeks!
In certain situations, such as a hold on the item, the automated message may inform you that the item may not be renewed and directs that it be returned to the library by its due date. Please do so that others can enjoy the item.

In 2022 the library has gone FINE FREE!! The library board desires to remove barriers that are preventing our patrons from using the library to the fullest. We hope this will encourage prior users to come back to the library and attract new users to experience our offerings. We also see it as a means of building good relationships. We believe that overdue fines don’t encourage the return of items and late fines have greater impact on people who depend on the library for items. Going fine free makes a trip to the library more pleasant for both the patrons and our staff who desire to help you. All fines have been removed, and fines for Ladoga-Clark Twp. Public Library, will not be charged in the future.
While patrons will no longer be responsible for daily fines, the patron is still responsible to return items to the library. We do want all items back. There is still a charge for any lost or damaged items, including a $5.00 processing fee. Items are declared lost/stolen at 28 days overdue.
We aren’t tracking fines, but we do track due dates. Reminders help us get those items idling in homes back to the library. Getting items back on the shelf in a timely manner for the next person is still important.
If a patron has fines from other libraries in the Evergreen Consortium, the patron may still be responsible for those fines. The decision to become fine free is an individual library decision, so an item from another library could become overdue with a fine and patron would be responsible for payment.

We will continue to provide reminders of overdue items.
1. Reminder from the Consortium through email or text 3 days prior to due date
2. Overdue notice by email or phone call when item is over- due one week
3. Overdue notice by email or phone call when item is over-due two weeks.
4. Overdue Postcard notice when item is over-due 3 weeks.
*Items overdue by 28 days are assumed lost/stolen and patron will be billed for the replacement cost. If patron does not return or pay for item, the patron will receive a Theft of Materials letter and could be turned into the Collection Agency.

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